Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing with Tom's camera phone. Halloween
Singing in her choir concer.

Posing on top of the pyramid with dance friends

Today is Katelynn's 14th birthday. So here are fourteen things about Kate!

She has an infectious laugh. When she laughs, we all laugh. Although it’s because we’re laughing at her laugh!!!!

She has always had a love for music. When she was not even a year old, she would climb on the piano bench and pound on the piano until she fell off the bench. I used to have to put bean bag chairs on either side of the bench to break her fall. It was soooo cute! Now she sits down and plays beautiful music.

She loves to dance. When Katelynn dances, I can’t keep my eyes off her. She is so graceful and beautiful. Her first dance class was about two months before her 3rd birthday. She cried when she had to leave!

She can sing too!!! That’s something from the Wilson side of the family. For as quiet as she is in school and around others (certainly not at home) she can happily stand up in front of a crowd and sing.

She’s a Disaster!!!! Her room is a nightmare! She couldn’t keep it clean if her life depended on it. When she was a preschooler I would threaten to throw away all her toys if she didn’t pick them up. One day she walked in her room to clean it, looked at the mess and said, “Just throw it away.”

She’s a great friend. She will never let a friend down. If she’s asked to hang out with somebody and a better offer comes along, she will not take it and happily hang out with the first offer. She doesn’t like it when girls talk about each other and always looks for the best in her friends.

She’s too honest. I always trust Kate to tell the truth. She even took a B in a class last year because she forgot her reading log when it was due and wouldn’t quickly make up a new one (like most everybody else in the class). She said she would rather take the B and be honest.

She’s forgetful. She forgets her phone, or to charge it; her lunch; her dance clothes; her homework; what time she is supposed to be somewhere and what she is supposed to wear; where she put her book, homework, her shoes, her head! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

She’s a great sister. She and Braeden are the best of friends. They love to hang out together and they are always talking and laughing. She is a wonderful big sister to Caroline; always doing her hair and letting her sleep in her room when Caroline wants to have a sleepover. And, most importantly, she’s pretty tolerant of Collin. That’s quite an accomplishment!

She loves to read. Kate has always had her head in a book. It’s amazing how many books she has read in 14 short years.

She is an amazing writer. I’m sure it has a lot to do with her love of books. She writes such creative stories. Her 2nd grade teacher used to tell her that she was going to be a writer and her 5th grade teacher used to ask Kate if she would dedicate one of her books to Mrs. Thompson!

She’s LOUD!!! Her teachers always talk about how quiet she is in the classroom. But at home and around her friends, she has the loudest, booming voice.

Two words: Night Owl! She could stay up all night. And when she was a baby and toddler, she did!!! I really don’t remember much about those years…….I was too tired!

The most wonderful thing about Katelynn is that she knows she’s a daughter of God. She is obedient, modest, valiant, virtuous and such a wonderful young woman. I always find her on her knees praying, or reading her scriptures. She really does strive to be the best she can be.

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to be Katelynn’s mom. I think I am learning more from her than she learns from me.

Kate, you are a beautiful young lady and I love you soooooo much!!!