Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Brooke!!!

Hey Brooke!!! Here's a special something we cooked up for your birthday. I know how much you hate it when people give you birthday gifts in Christmas paper or Christmas cards, soooo this one's for you!!!
Love ya,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Concerts, games, recitals!!

Caroline posing with her picture on Santa's lap
after Eldorado concert.

Elementary school Christmas Concert. Love the enthusiasm!!
Concert with the Eldorado choir.
Katelynn playing at the piano recital.
Oops. I thought this was Collin.....it's so dark. Anyway, we'll just pretend it's him!!!

Since the first of December we have attended 10 different events.....dance recitals, basketball games, piano recitals, school concerts and so on. We only have six to go before the end of this week!!! Oh, and lets not forget hosting the teacher luncheon and two classroom parties!! And I wonder why I'm feeling frazzled.
The choir at Eldorado invited some kids from Caroline's elementary school to participate in their program. The choir sang a beautiful song from the movie, "Prince of Egypt" and the elementary choir joined in, singing in Hebrew. Caroline and a few other girls were chosen to sing a part of the song. You should have seen her trying to hog the microphone! Really.....where does she get it?!!!! Off we go to see Katelynn participate in the Youth Choir Concert tonight!!!!! SAVE ME!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The latest

The holidays are always so crazy. There's never enough time to accomplish everything I would like. I did accomplish one thing this year that rarely happens.......family picture day! I made the whole family get up on Saturday morning and get ready. They all grumbled, but did it. I hope they turn out okay. We are a scary bunch! We came home and took a few pix in front of the tree. Stinkin Braeden is getting tall!
Kate and Collin had their piano recital Monday night. They did a great job! Katelynn is always sooo nervous and Collin is cool as a cucumber. Maybe it's because he really just doesn't care!!

The Hollywood Kids website is up and running and accepting new students (cross your fingers). We have signed a lease on our Northwest location and will start building two studios, a stage and a vocal room. We're in the Desert Saints magazine too. So spread the word, post us on your blog, tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends and so on and so on..........aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!