Friday, August 31, 2007

J.K. Rowling is my Hero!!!

Anybody who can inspire Collin to read over 4100 pages this summer, deserves a medal or something....wait, she got lot's of cash for her efforts!!!!! Anyway, I'm so proud of Collin!!
How am I supposed to turn that stinkin picture right-side-up?!

Also. The picture of Kate's new haircut didn't show up on the last here it is!!

First Day of School!

The alarm rings at 5:10 a.m....... and we're off!!!! The first day of school was great. Caroline walked into Kindergarten like she had been there a hundred times before....wait.....she has been there a hundred times before, just not as an official student. Collin says, "Mrs. Thompson Rocks!" Katelynn was thrilled her bus was on time; and Braeden said that everybody commented on his recent growth spurt.

Tom's first day of school wasn't as smooth. When he arrived at Vegas High seminary, the power was out. So there were a bunch of kids hanging around the building when I dropped Braeden off. We had a wicked storm the night before. I think I jumped out of my skin a few times when the thunder hit.

I accomplished a whole trip to the grocery store, and cleaned out the fridge before I had to go get Caroline. Kindergarten Sucks for moms!!!!

The girls had their hair cut after the first day of school.....cute, eh?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer is OVER!!!

Well it's over....sniff, sniff (that's coming from the kids). I, on the other hand, am planning a parade to celebrate the end of summer!!! All moms are invited! We'll march down the street, banging pots and pans (what else are we going to do with them), sing a happy song and maybe do a little breakdance....I mean breakfast!

Anyhoo, I thought I would reflect on the highlights of the summer. It goes as follows:

Braeden spent a week at BYU basketball camp in June. He then spent another week at EFY, which was also at BYU. This was followed by a few days at volleyball camp at UNLV. He spent many hours at Vegas High practicing with the basketball and volleyball teams. He read a few good books, mowed a few lawns, played tooo much Guitar Hero. He then topped off his summer with a trip to Southern California with his friend Brig, where he learned to surf!!!! Oh yeah, and he grew three inches.....crazy!

Katelynn spent four weeks at Hollywood Teens Summer Camp, which I helped teach! It was only two hours per day, so don't think we're that crazy! She also spent a week in St George attending the Tuacahn Musical Theater Camp. She was instrumental in the changing of an age-old family rule of NO SLEEPOVERS.....EVER!!!! Therefore she had a few sleepovers this summer with her friends. She and her crazy friends dressed up for the opening day of Hairspray! She also survived her first Girls Camp!! It only rained everyday!!

Collin finally decided to read the Harry Potter books, after years of saying, "Why should I read it when I can watch the movie". He began reading Harry Potter 1 on July 21st and he finished Harry Potter 7 on August 24th. He read 4100 pages. I found myself saying, "Collin....I can't believe I'm saying this, but please put that book down and go play!!!" Collin's summer began with baseball. He made the All Star team and had a lot of fun playing in 115 degree heat, while the rest of us watched and prayed they would lose, so we could all go home!!!!

Caroline was a little fish this summer. She learned to dive off the diving board! She has no fear. Meanwhile she turned into the Coppertone Baby! Notice the cute butt shot on Lisa's blog! She also spent four weeks at Hollywood Kids summer camp and loved every minute of it!!!
Tom and I had a short getaway to Arizona with all the seminary teachers in our area. I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time! I survived teaching dance classes for Hollywood Kids summer camp and Girls Camp.....did I mention the rain?! In June we took a trip to Palisade's State Park, where we fished, golfed and enjoyed the Bolton family. We then spent some time in St. George with the Wilson's where we hiked, swam, played games at all hours and saw a show at Tuacahn! We had one last night of freedom, last night, so we went bowling, out to dinner and then Cold Stone!!!!

It's been a great summer.....and now bring on the 5 a.m. alarm clocks, bus stops, making lunches, piano lessons, dance lessons, Hollywood Kids, basketball, volleyball, baseball, homework, carpool, Kindergarten, class parties, holidays and all other craziness that will happen during the school year!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Basketball Bliss!

Tom and the boys decided to go watch the USA basketball team play at the Thomas and Mack last night. They bought nosebleed seats for $10 and were waiting for the game to begin, when some guy with an official badge, walks up to them and offers them courtside seats. The seats were insane! You can't get any closer! They were $909.09. Here's a few pix from the game. So after they got home from the game, it was on ESPN. The boys were right there on the court! How cool is that!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

St. George with Wilson's

Okay. It's taking a while to get used to this. It just took me fifteen minutes to figure out how to create a new blog!!!!

Anyhoo. We had a great trip to St. George with the Wilson family. We stayed in a condo with Scott and Rick's family, which was full of many teenagers!!! I haven't survived on such little sleep since college!! We played games all night, hiked Zion's NP, saw My Fair Lady and Katelynn's performance with the musical theater camp, swim, swam, swum and ate much!!! We sang Happy Birthday to Brianna at midnight, who is now 17. I just had to smash twinkies in her face, in memory of her 13th birthday. The kids had so much fun with cousins, they didn't want to come home. Thanks Wilson's!