Friday, April 4, 2008

A Great Night For Ballgames

I arrived home from Hollywood Kids at 6:30 only to smell the dinner which was not quite ready and quickly fix the boys a sandwich before their games. I dropped Collin off at 7:00 and quickly ran to Braeden's church basketball game. They are in a tournament and were scheduled to play the toughest team. It was a great game. Our boys played hard and only had six players. The other team had about ten players to send in fresh legs. The score was 54-54 in overtime with seconds on the clock. Our team inbounded the ball to Braeden, who quickly turned and shot a three-pointer. As the ball was sailing toward the basket the buzzer went off and then SWOOSH!!! The crowd erupted! The team went crazy and picked him up and his mama couldn't help screaming for joy! He scored 26 points.

I congratulated Braeden and quickly ran to Collin's baseball game. In the final inning Collin was pitching. He had caught one fly ball, picked up a grounder and threw another kid out at first and had the tying run on third when he struck out the final batter! Another happy ending,

It was a great night for ballgames. Sometimes you're the hero and get the big win other times you're not so fortunate.

We arrived home at 10:00. I helped Katelynn with her homework til 11:30 and then had to start a new day at 5:20 a.m. Sheesh. No wonder I don't have time to blog!!!! hee hee

More fun news...Braeden was moved up to the varsity volleyball team and is playing in La Jolla, California right now. Katelynn and Caroline are at birthday parties and Collin and Tom ran to the store. I think this is longest amount of alone time I've had all day! Wooo hooo

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I know it's a shock that I'm writing right now. I have about three minutes to share a cute story about the crazy things Caroline has to say. Today is the 40 anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King and it reminded me of what she said on MLK day in January.
We had the day off school and work and Caroline suddenly piped up and said, "Oh yeah. It's Dr. Abraham Lincoln Jr.'s birthday today!" We all started to laugh and so she said, "What? He had a dream!"
There. I did it! I blogged for the first time in over two months!