Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Karsen Mery This blog was created for my cousin's nephew. It's so sad and sweet. Keep them in your prayers. Thanks!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


At the finish line!! Almost there. Please don't puke!!!
At mile 25. I love my family!
In the hotel before the race. I hardly slept that night.
My amazing running buddies hung this before I left
for Utah. I love you Jenna, Tracy and Julie!!
After the race with Katelynn, Collin, dad and Caroline.
Mom and Tom were behind the cameras and Braeden
had to stay in Vegas for club tryouts.

I did it! After months of early morning, dark, cold then extremely HOT, and windy training, it's finally over! It was sooo hard, but amazing. It's a physical, emotional and spiritual experience that words cannot describe. It was so cool and beautiful in Logan. The best part of the race for me was to see my family at mile 25. As soon as I saw them my pace quickened and I started to cry. It's so emotional to see them cheering you on. And then to see them again at the finish line was incredible. I didn't cry at the finish line because I was doing my best not to puke! I became extremely nauseous during the last 100 yards. It took everything I had to keep running to the finish line without throwing up in front of all the cheering spectators. I felt better after finding a tree to collapse under. After lunch and a nap in the car, I was feeling pretty good. My right foot and left achilles have been giving me trouble the past month and they screamed at me during the last half of the marathon. They continue to punish me today, but it was all worth it!
Thanks to all my family and friends who trained with me, gave me advise on injuries (Dr. Jenna), asked me about my Saturday long runs, sent me texts, voice messages, and emails up to the minute I left for the marathon and sent congratulations when it was over. I love you all!!!:) And the biggest thanks to Tom who helped and supported me through it all. I love you honey!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer and Scouts

I let Caroline take some pictures and she, somehow turned off the flash.
I was just telling Braeden that the last time he pinned me in scouts,
he was shorter than me.Collin looks so thrilled!!!

The Giant!

So Cute

Caroline played in her first soccer game yesterday. Caroline said, "We crushed em!" Final score 8-1. We haven't been to a soccer game in years and it was much fun! Braeden has been giving me a hard time for not signing Caroline up for sports. He thinks it's a shame for a girl of her size to be singing and dancing. You will see by the pictures that she is quite imposing on the field!:)

We also had a Court of Honor a few weeks ago. It's the first one in about three years, so Braeden had many awards. We just need an Eagle project to be approved and completed. It's such a pain to get that kid to just finish the darn thing!!! Collin is moving along quite nicely as well. Maybe he'll get his Eagle before Braeden!

My marathon is in six days. Only four more days of training, which will be a combined 17 miles of running. I can't wait!!!

Tomorrow is the big 20th Anniversary for Tom and I. Wow! We're old! I'll blog more about that tomorrow.