Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wilson grandchild #32

The latest addition to the Wilson family arrived Saturday night and she's a beauty. They're just a cute little family. Congrats D and K! We wish you didn't live so far away. We hope to see y'all next summer.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More the EFY than meets the EYE!

Mmmmm. I think there' s more to EFY than
just spiritual experiences. Now I know why
it was "Soooooo Awesome"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Fun

Kate swimming at grandmas
Caroline and Koley!
The old roller coaster!!
On the train with daddy!
The "after picture"
The "before" picture

Okay. Since I'm almost at the bottom of Carla and Jen's list, Carla suggested that I update the happenings of my little cuties! That's for you, Carla!!!
Our family has been apart for over three weeks. Braeden left for Volleyball camp at BYU on the 20th, just a few hours before I got home from New York. His team won the final tournament, which was pretty cool. He and Trevor spent a few days at grama and grampa Bolton's house, swimming, golfing and playing basketball with cousins. Braeden was most excited to take over the place as tallest cousin and he's going to enjoy it while it lasts, cuz it won't last! He just hit the six foot mark. It's crazy to think that he was 5'5" at the beginning of last summer. He then went to EFY in Cedar City. It was great to hear his stories of fun times with new and old friends, good classes and spiritual experiences. I also learned what COW means....crush of the week!
Katelynn went to Utah to hang out with cousins and grandparents for 10 days. She had a blast going to Lagoon, parties, High School Musical, more parties, a baptism, a museum, more parties, swimming, sleepovers, manicures and did I mention parties?!

The rest of the family joined Katelynn in Utah on the 6th of August and it was nice to have everybody back together. We had a great time at Lagoon. Braeden and Katelynn even rode the Catapult, which is a crazy ride that even costs extra. The are in a ball that is shot about 200 feet up, like a sling shot. It's crazy!!!! Caroline is big enough for all the crazy rides, but doesn't care for them, so Tom and I took turns taking her around. I must say that after a few hours of spinning in circles, I was beginning to get sick! I prefer the fast moving, upside-down crazy rides that last a few seconds and you're done!

The rest of the trip was spent swimming, hanging out with family, eating, celebrating Steve's birthday and joining Jim, Kym, Taylor and Lauren at church, where Taylor was advanced to a Priest. It was great seeing you guys!!! We were going home after lunch at Kym's house and we forgot that we had Crystal (Kate's dog) with us. We couldn't just leave her in the car so we called Jim and asked if we could leave her in the back yard. Jim was worried that she might jump over the fence, but I assured him that the fat dog can't jump that high. Well apparently the fat dog can squeeze through the fence. After two hours at church and Kym's house we went back for the dog and found her sitting under a tree in the front yard. It was pretty funny to just pull up, open the door, dog jumped in and we drove away!

We're now home and preparing for school to start. I'm getting ready to start up dance lessons and Hollywood Kids. Tom's busy with seminary registration. Braeden has been working for Greg Jensen as a runner for his law office. It was pretty funny when he called me on his first day and said, "I'm Lost". Collin is gearing up for middle school and Caroline has been in swim lessons. SUMMER HAS BEEN FLYING BY!!!