Sunday, June 21, 2009

Collin Becomes a Youth (turns 12)

Collin turned 12 this weekend. He nervously passed his interview with the Bishop and Braeden will ordain him next week. He and five of his friends went to "Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix" for a party on Saturday. They rode go carts and carvival rides along with playing arcade games, eating pizza, cake and ice cream. The most disturbing part of the party was driving home. The Beyonce song "All The Single Ladies" came on the which point all six of them squealed and said, "Oh....leave it here, we love this song." They all began to sing like little girlies the words, "All you single ladies....all you single ladies.....if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it...if ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it...whaaa aa oooo whaaa aa oooo oooo whaa aaa ooo." Very disturbing for dad, who perfers classic rock to "hip hop." He got camping stuff, clothes and cash.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Okay! I'll blog myself!!!

The month of May is insane!! In just two weeks time we had 2 choir concerts, 2 school dance concerts, 1 band concert, 1 piano recital, 7 volleyball games, extra dance rehearsals for my recital, father and son's, etc.... I just try to hold on and enjoy the ride. Here's a few highlights:

This cool picture was given to Braeden at his volleyball banquet. He had the most kills in a single match with 27. In that game he had 27 kills and 21 digs! He had the second most kills in the season with 239, the most digs with 249 and received The Hustle Award!
We went on our annual Memorial Weekend trip to Palisades State Park. I decided to allow the kids to bring a few friends. We ended up with seven children!!! Braeden brought Brig and Trevor. Here's the skinny, white boys fishing!
Coming back from a round of golf.
Rachel, Colllin, Brig, Brae and Caroline Making s'mores.
We always have to go hunting for toads! No luck this year.
Katelynn and Rachel hanging out in the trailer!

Caroline, Collin, Kole, Drew, Bryce, Haley and some kid I don't know. They loved swimming to the floating dock and jumping off.

Caroline received the all around student award for her class. Notice how tall she is!! It's so neat to see her friend Cole back to school and thriving! He's the cute boy in glasses.
Collin is trying not too look too excited before his band concert. But he really ended up liking it!
Braeden's car was decorated by some classmates before his volleyball team went to State. His team took 1st in Division, 2nd in Region and tied for 3rd in State. He was also named in the NorthEast 1st Team.
Kate is just finishing up Middle School! I can't believe my little girl is going to high school. She has been accepted to Las Vegas Academy in dance! She's soooo excited. This is before her school's Semi Formal. to describe this one......well I never thought I would have my son ask me to help him zip his skirt before school!!!! This was for the powder puff football game, where the girls are the football players and the boys are the cheerleaders. What's scary is that he's actually pretty good!!!!
So much has happened and so little time to write. It's good I have great friends who break into my blog and update for me. Thanks Carla.
The last day of school is tomorrow. I will then have a senior, freshman, 7th grader and 2nd grader. I'm too young for this!!!!!