Thursday, January 3, 2008

fun pix!

Our first family picture since Collin was a year old!
Kate and Kole
Caroline, Drew, and Kate
Everybody who is crazy!!!

Braeden and Tom.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December Daze

Caroline and cousin Kaleah
Braeden enjoying his growth spurt and sizing up to Andrew
Katelynn playing some Christmas songs
Collin getting a new phone at Phase I
Kids and "Frosty"
Well. We made it through December.....barely. It was hard to get into the spirit of Christmas when all I did was run from one activity to the next. But we did get away to Utah and had a very nice, white Christmas. It was very cold and white. So we did all the winter activities: sledding, ice skating, snowman building, snowball fights and Braeden went snowboarding. We do Christmas in phases. Phase I is our own family in Vegas. Phase II is Santa. Phase III is the Wilson family, and Phase IV is Bolton family party. Here's a few pix of the family.