Wednesday, April 15, 2009


These Two........
Used to always fight right around this time of year. I always thought it was sad that they were arguing around dad's birthday and Easter. I can still see mom throwing those Easter eggs at dad! They were very entertaining. But then one day they made a beautiful accountant!!! You see, dad's birthday is April 15th! The Old Fart turns 65 today. He can now, officially, use the senior citizen discount, even though he's been using it for a while now! I missed blogging on mom's birthday, March 7th. Let's just say that dad married a MUCH younger woman!!! She looks much younger =) Happy birthday and belated birthday Mom and Dad! I couldn't have asked for a better childhood. I'm only slightly scarred from those fights around tax day!!!! ha ha
Thanks for all you do for us! You're the best! WE LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kate's dance concert.

somebody posted this on youtube. It's Katelynn and Rachel. It's not a great video. Kate's in the yellow shirt.

No birthdays. Just an update!!!

Caroline on her new bike!
Braeden and Megan at Sadies

Katelynn's 14th birthday
Collin before his band concert.
I think they're tired after a day of sledding!
I love the look on tom's face!!!

Dad loves rubbing it in that he's a Cougar Fan!
The leaning snowman with Tom and Caroline

Braeden's new Letterman's Jacket.

Okay. It's not any body's birthday, but I thought I'd do a little catching up. Here's a quick catch up of our lives over the past few months. First of all, I forgot to mention that Collin got his Arrow of Light last summer. Hopefully I still have the pictures from our computer crash. It was an awesome night. Brother Huntsman put on quite show.

November: We actually went to Utah for Thanksgiving and had a great time with the Bolton's and Wilson's. It was the first holiday without Tom's parents, who are serving a mission in Boston, and it was quite strange without them. We spent Thanksgiving with my family and Friday with the Wilson's. It's always so nice to be with family. The kids are so much fun!

Katelynn and I went to Tracy Jensen's one night and learned how to bake pies. They were delicious! My kids new favorite pie is pecan.

December: Katelynn choreographed an awesome dance that was performed at her middle school program. You can catch it on You Tube. You find it by typing in K.O. Knudson Dance, then scroll down to find Katelynn and Rachel, The Show. She's the one in the yellow. I'll try to link it on this post, but I'm not sure how.

The kids had their first snow day. I don't even remember a snow day in Utah. It was crazy! On our side of town I think we got a whole three inches, but schools were cancelled and all the snow melted before 9 a.m. Tom and I just kept shaking our heads and saying, "wimps". We went to Utah for Christmas and really saw snow!

January: I turned the big 40! Katelynn and Caroline performed in Aladdin Jr.

February: Braeden was asked to two Sadie Hawkins dances, Las Vegas High School and Eldorado High.

March: Caroline finally learned to ride a bike. Braeden's volleyball season started and he's doing great! I will try to keep up on the articles in the paper and post them as well.

Katelynn was accepted to Las Vegas Academy. They have an amazing dance program and the school is top notch. She auditioned in January with about 200 other girls. She's so excited. I can't believe she's going to be in High School next fall!!!! Kate was also cast as Gabriella in High School Musical, which she will perform this summer with Hollywood Kids.

In January I let Jenna Rhoads talk me into joining her fun little running group in a 10 mile run. Yes. I am crazy!!! I've never ran much more than 3 miles, so at about 3 1/2 I was done! Since that day I have worked my way up to over 12 miles. I usually run Tuesdays and Thursday and then Saturday is the big run. I actually look forward to Saturdays and I've never felt better! We're going to try to get into the St. George Marathon. See what happens when you turn 40!!!!