Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's there to blog about anyway!!!

We met the Jensen's in Del Mar.

Okay. I'm pathetic. But, really it's been insanely crazy around here. Hollywood Kids is expanding. We are opening a huge studio in the Northwest. The studio will be more than 3000 sq. feet. With 2 dance studios and a stage. We've hired 3 drama teachers, 3 dance teachers, 2 voice teachers, 1 tumbling teacher and a makeup artist, who will teach a fun class on stage makeup! We've scoured all of North Las Vegas, and then some, to find the perfect space, only for it to fall through. We've met several Real Estate Agents. But it looks like we have another space that will work. We have an official website It's almost ready to begin registering students. I still have to put my bio on there. Yuck. Margie and I will not be teaching out there, but we will still have Hollywood Kids Sunrise at Margie's house. We are working on 101 Dalmations for the kids and High School Musical for the Teens. I've been working hard to get everything choreographed. It's been quite a process! Exciting and SCARY!

We went camping last weekend in Carlsbad, California. What fun!!! Our campsite was on a bluff, overlooking the ocean. It was so neat. The weather was perfect. All we did was play on the beach. After church on Sunday we visited the Mormon Batallion in San Diego. It was cool cuz Tom has a great, great, great.....grandpa who served in the Mormon Batallion. We enjoyed the ocean and went boogie boarding. Braeden and Collin did some surfing as well! Sooo Fun. I can't wait to go back.
It's hard to believe that I have made three new posts today. It's more than I can say for Jen and Carla. I haven't heard from them in days! Jen's kids are even out of town. SLACKERS!!! Just kidding ladies! The craft show was wonderful!!!!


I'm not sure what I think about this costume either. She was
some sort of evil ballerina.
Supergirls Rule!!!!
Collin's found this talking head. Creepy

Halloween was a blast! The parties, parades and trick or treating were much fun. I have a picture of the three youngers, but I haven't received the only picture of Braeden from Tracy Jensen yet. Although, I don't know if I want to receive that picture. Brig found costumes for himself and Braeden. Brig was Flash Gordon and Braeden was Batman. The only problem was the Batman costume was a little large, so they thought it would be funny to dress as Batman in his later than prime years, and stuff his costume with a pillow. He didn't have a mask, so we painted it on and his lighter hair didn't quite fit, so they found a black wig made of yarn, which was in two braids. I'm not sure what to think of his costume.


Here's some birthday wishes I missed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lisa Bolton, who turned the big 40 this year. She still has her sanity in spite of being married to Derrick and handling all of Whitlee's one-liners and left hand turns with style!!! ha ha Seandra Wilson also turned 40 and was thrilled to exit the 30's, only to have surgery shortly after! Happy and speedy recovery Seandra!!! Happy Birthday to Mindy Birch, who is still a spring chicken and turned 29 this year. Lisa Swain is 40 and holding!!! Happy Birthday to you too!!!!

Last, but certainly not least, Caroline turned Six-years-old on the 13th of November! We had a fabulous birthday on the beach in Carlsbad and then had a party with her friends yesterday. I can't believe my Sweet Caroline is six!! She has brought so much joy to our home. There's never a dull moment with Caroline around. I think I could publish a book of Caroline Comments.