Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday/Anniversary!!!

Wedding AnnouncementHaving fun for camera in front of Salt Lake Temple
The wedding party!
Tom loves playing with the kids
A snowman every Christmas...if there's snow
After the trek. Spring Break '09
He was such a cute baby!!!
Opening gifts

Tom turned the big 43 yesterday. We went to dinner on Friday and then to Kohle's to buy much needed shoes and a shirt. Last night we had a family dinner and opened a few gifts. The kids gave him gifts that reflect all the things they steal from their dad, which drives him crazy. Katelynn gave him a pack of gum, which doesn't even come close to repaying all the stolen gum in the past. The boys gave him dress socks because they are always taking his socks and throwing them in their own dirty clothes and then never bothering to wash, fold or return them. And they gave him his own special bottle of water. Tom takes great pride in his water. He freezes it and when it has just the right amount of ice in it somebody (his name starts with a B and rhymes with Aiden) drinks it!! We all got a good laugh. I don't think they will stop with the burglary though.

I also didn't blog about our 20th anniversary last month! September 14th was the big day. I can't believe how quickly time goes by. It seems like we were on our first date just yesterday!

Happy Birthday and Anniversary Honey! You make me laugh, especially on those long days when you unbutton your white shirt and do your best Michael Jackson yell while pulling your shirt off! You give the best family home evening lessons, even though you think your kids are not listening and your wife has dozed off (not so much since the marathon:). You jump in and help out with dinner and cleaning when I'm busy. You know how to deal with the kids, especially pre-teens, when I'm really to lose it. Your Tuesday morning adult religion class gives me the boost I need every week. And you always know what I need (usually a back rub:).

I have a wonderful family and a wonderful life thanks to my amazing husband!

I Love You!!!!


VivaLasFloyds said...

seriously, pass me the tissues.

Jenn said...

Wow! Congrats you two! Those pics are priceless!! And seriously...how can we have kids old enough to go to homecoming???