Thursday, November 12, 2009

Caroline's Ear Piercing Experience

I told both my girls they could get their ears pierced when they turned eight-years-old. I figured by then they were old enough to take care of their ears and might not be as careless with their earrings. I realized the other day that Caroline's 8th birthday was coming up and she had not mentioned earrings at all. So I asked her if she was interested in piercing her ears and she exclaimed, "YES!!" I asked her if she was sure, because she hadn't mentioned it at all. She replied, "Well, you told me I had to wait til I'm eight, so I didn't ask again." That didn't stop Katelynn from asking a thousand times before her eighth birthday!!
We didn't have school yesterday and her birthday is Friday, so we took Caroline to the mall for the ear piercing experience. :)
Caroline's last picture without earrings.
She's sooo excited!
Waiting and watching the lady prepare the piercing gun.
Getting a little nervous.

First ear...... Now she knows it hurts a little for the 2nd ear....
Looking in the mirror at the finished product
and feeling a bit relieved.


Melinda said...

Man, I remember that day so well in my own life. My date started at 18 years old, then 16, then 14, then 12, and finally I got them when I was 10 :)

Galloping Grandparents (GG) said...

Daughters really wear you down when it's something like ear piercing!!! Cute.....