Saturday, November 28, 2009

Caroline's Baptism

Caroline's Baptism went very well. We weren't sure it was going to happen when she woke up Thanksgiving morning with a fever, body aches, tummy ache, headache, cough and stuffy nose. Her fever broke Saturday morning and she was running around the house all day, so we decided to go ahead with the baptism. She was the only child in the stake getting baptized so our whole family was able to participate in the program. Collin said the opening prayer, Tom spoke on the Holy Ghost, I spoke on Baptism, Katelynn played the piano and Braeden baptized her.
It was a beautiful meeting and we're so proud of our baby!!
Sweet Caroline.

Caroline and big brother Braeden!!

In their white clothes.

Katelynn practicing before the meeting. I startled her with the camera :)
Caroline and her friends.

Our family

Family with Grandma and Grandpa Bolton


Galloping Grandparents (GG) said... I wish we could have been in those pictures!!!! And you did GOOD at taking pictures!!!

Kristin said...

I can't believe your kids are SO OLD!!!! They are such a good looking bunch and I wish we lived closer so we knew them better.

Congratulations to Caroline on choosing to be baptized. Seems like everything went very well, with recovery from the illness and full family participation.

Brad and Leslie said...

Caroline's dress is beautiful! Congrats Caroline! Better late than never I guess.....